The History of Ginette Brogan – founder of the Brogini Boot brand.

At the age of 15 (with an intense entrepreneurial drive!) I left school and dove head first into the world of business by opening my own farm shop. Over the next two years I went from strength to strength, including winning the Shell Live Wire of the Year award for young people in business, beating more than 3000 entrants. I noticed a gap in the market for high-quality equestrian gear at a reasonable price, and driven by my passion for horses I started sourcing second hand tack from auctions and selling them on. It gave me so much pleasure to see the enjoyment my customers got from getting themselves a good deal that it made me want more. To keep up with demand I moved to a bigger

premises in Birchinley Manor Equestrian Center and started Euro Style Saddlery which specialised in sourcing the highly coveted European brands at affordable prices. I would travel back and forth from mainland Europe to the UK, sourcing excellent deals for my customers.

In 1998, after a chance encounter with Clare Whitaker at Gothenburgh Horse Show, we started the John Whitaker International brand which provides quality equipment and clothing for the horse and rider. It was during this time we would distribute the Italian Riding Boot brands. However, these boots were expensive, had very long lead times and were not always suitable for the UK market.

During my trips to Italy I would study the Italian production and learned everything I could about quality, fit and style. In 2004 I took the plunge and started my very own company, Brogini Ltd. I took everything I had learnt and brought the Italian style to the UK market at a price affordable for everyone.

The next part of my adventure would happen in 2012 when I became a single mum to Gio – juggling two businesses and a newborn is no easy feat! Gio definitely takes after his mum and his entrepreneurial side is already shining through.

Over the years we have gone from strength to strength and the range has grown massively to include country boots, childrens boots and casual footwear.

The company ethos of good quality, affordable boots rings especially true today – and I truly believe everyone deserves a good pair of comfortable boots whether they be for dog walking, horse riding or hiking!

I am extremely proud of the range and the team who helped make it happen and will be eternally grateful to all our stockists who have helped us grow to where we are today. 

Ginette Brogan

MD of Brogini Ltd

Ginette & Gio

(and Rosie and Popeye the dogs)